“Kudos for your tremendous support, suggestions, aid, and encouragement. Your editing turned my work into a commercial product ready for the reading public. Many thanks for a job well done.” ”
Robert Levey, author of:
"Risk. A Tale of Wall Street"
After the mortgage bond network collapsed in 2008, Wall Street was hungry for a hot new product to sell. No one expected a brilliant young woman would be the author of a new type of bond that would take Wall Street, and the world, by storm. As “Bondage Bonds” soared to ever greater heights, both the greedy and the good were in it for the ride. But when things began to go wrong in a great big way, it was watch out for your career, your money, and even your life.
Buy it now at Amazon.com     Paperback $14.99     Kindle:$9.99
“Thank you for all your input and support. You tweaked and polished things to perfection.”
Annette James-Rogers, author of:
"The Color of Equality"
Written for a middle school/young adult readership, this novel, based on the experiences of the author’s own family, is a fascinating read for people of all ages. During the chaos surrounding the Civil War, the family of 16 year old Miriam Whitfield are uprooted from their comfortable life in the U.S. and with other mixed race families, attempt to create their own colony in Haiti. Newspaper clips of real events provide actual background as the emigres face a host of unexpected challenges. Through it all, Miriam grows from a protected teen to a strong young woman as she meets these challenges with newfound strength and abilities.
Buy it now at Amazon.com     Paperback $8.99     Kindle:$2.99
“You are one talented lady…I mean it! Very excited and satisfied. Keep working to make my story a winner.”
Charles Young, author of:
"Day of Reckoning"
On a midwinter day at a Chicago delicatessen a bomb suddenly explodes killing 13 innocent people. Was it a hate crime? When an Israeli Mossad commander takes over the investigation he uncovers more than he expects to find.
Buy it now at Amazon.com     Paperback $8.99     Kindle:$3.99
“I cannot express highly enough the gratitude I feel for the effort you put in to make my writing a work of art. Your support keeps me chugging along.”
Zoe Amos, author of:
After the Water Wars led to Civil War II, Superior Protectorate was established in what is now Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There, under the supervision of a repressive government, two young women risk everything in a perilous quest for freedom and a life together.
Buy it now at Amazon.com     Paperback $9.49     Kindle:$5.99
Following Dandelions
"At your suggestion I found a Texas based publisher. We sold a bunch of books at an Austin book festival, ran out and needed more."
Duke Snead, author of:
"Following Dandelions"
After the Civil War railroads and barbed wire brought cattle drives to an end. Longhorns became almost extinct. It was a time of violence when cowboys… white, black and Mexican proved their manhood as they encountered drought, Indians, love, and personal tragedies en route to their destination. This is their story of what happened, as imagined by a historian of the era.
Buy it at Amazon.com   Paperback: $16.95     Kindle: $7.99
Sisters of the Seventh Planet
“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my first novel! You listened and really understood the message I was trying to send. You took my words and made them flow. I am forever grateful!”
Teri Hoskins, author of:
“Sisters of the Seventh Planet”
In the late 16th Century, Shriya and Gwenneth, sisters from an ancient civilization, practice the sacred work of healing and other mystical abilities of their ancestors. But they live in peril of the local high priest who would prefer to burn them as witches. Torn between their destiny as healers and the pull of true love, they walk a dangerous line between life and death.
Buy it at Amazon.com   Paperback: $13.49    Kindle: $3.99
Guardian of Israel – Miracle Stories of Tefillin and Mezuzah
"Special thanks to Lois Winsen, for editing the book."
Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin author of:
"Guardian of Israel – Miracle Stories of Tefillin and Mezuzah"
Careful research in print, the internet, and of the words of the Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson, as well as heartfelt revelations from a wide range of people regarding the miracles initiated by the use of kosher mezuzahs, are the subject of this book… actual accounts of personal experiences of such miracles.
Buy it at Amazon.com   Hardcover: $17.95
The Plan
"Lois, Thanks for the many months of work you put in, advising me and reorganizing and editing my manuscript. It made a tremendous difference in the flow and readability of my novel."
Bernard Jacobs, author of:
“The Plan”
Strongly written, hot political action thriller unfolds in the U.S. and Middle East, as a future American president’s plan is put into place to permanently quash militant Muslim terrorists and reestablish the power and prestige of the U.S.A. True to life behind the scenes exposes of political manipulation and deception make this a page turner.
Buy it now at Amazon.com    Paperback $15    Kindle ebook  $.99
Spades By Joey LaChow
"I want to tell you how important my finding you was. Not only are you an excellent editor, but you were also instrumental in my surging forward and finally landing a publisher. You were more than an editor, you were a friend."
Joey LaChow, author of:
Plenty of pool room action as Malcolm Blodder, aka "Spades" survives on the mean streets of New York City, and the surprising turn of fate that brings him into the world of local jet setters as he redeems his status and finds love..
ISBN: 9781613 Buy it at Amazon.com  $15.99
You Dont Ask You Don't Get
"I appreciate your patience and knowledgeable suggestions. I have become a better writer with your support."
Janet F. Williams, author of:
“You Don't Ask, You Don't Get”
Readable and practical, this 272 page book gives you actual tools to help you get more out of life whether it's a better deal at a store, more respect in the office, or something special from a loved one.
Buy it at www.GoodDayMedia.com ISBN: 978-0-9844394-0-9   $14.99
Dying in the Land of Enchantment - A Doctor’s Journey
"Your thoughtful editing and practical marketing advice helped me quickly secure a publisher. Doing TV and book signings now, and working on my next book."
Gordon Giddings, M.D., author of:
“Dying in the Land of Enchantment: A Doctor’s Journey”
The author, a young Canadian M.D. in Palliative Medicine, (ease for the dying) tells, simply and movingly, about his experiences at a Buddhist retreat in New Mexico where he went to learn about dying, but came away with a new understanding of living. Includes actual patient histories. Fascinating reading for any adult.
Order it now on Amazon.com ISBN: 978-0977763283   $15.95
The Boy Next Door
"Very pleased with the sharpening you did, and the way you integrated pieces from one chapter into another. Thanks."
Hugh Martin, author of:
“The Boy Next Door”
Charming showbiz memoir from this Broadway/Hollywood singer, composer, arranger. Touching stories and fascinating back scene glimpses of the famous men and women of the Golden Age of Broadway theater and Hollywood cinema.
Hardcover at Amazon.com $29.95 ISBN: 978-0-615-36507-7
A Dance with the devil
“Your kind words of encouragement have touched my soul and boosted my resolve that my story will one day be published. I look forward to the next step of our collaboration.”
Barbara Bentley, author of:
“A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath”
Fascinating tale of deception, mayhem, and one brave woman’s struggle to save herself and change the laws of California. A preferred alternate for Book of the Month Clubs 1 & 2, Literary Guild, and Mystery Book Club.
Berkley Publishing  ISBN: 978-0425221181 Buy it at Amazon.com  $16
My Darling Seema
"How can I thank you for years of attentiveness to me and my writing? You were determined to develop my skills to write successfully. No easy chore. Your expert guidance, constructive criticism and encouragement have paid off with the publication of four of my novels. For everything you were to me along this journey, thank you. You are truly the Queen of Polish."
Lu Lane Ward, author of:
"My Darling Seema"
In a small Texas town a daughter explores her recently deceased mother’s private diary and packets of love letters that explain much about her parents’ troubled marriage, and hide even more.
Buy it at Amazon.com   Paperback $15.95
We Could’ve Had a Great Date if it Weren’t for You
"Thank you for truly believing in my book. Your commitment, dedication and knowledge of editing were superior."
Bruce Derman, PhD, author: "We Could’ve Had a Great Date if it Weren’t for You"
This guide to authentic dating packs some hard hitting, practical advice from its author, a seasoned marriage and relationship counselor. A must-read for those out there who wonder how to make their relationships better.
1st Books Library  ISBN: 978-1410793355  Buy it at Amazon.com   $17.50
encyclopedia Satanica
“I was nervous about getting my book edited, but you did a great job. And thanks to your warm encouragement I’m now a member of MENSA!”
Matt Schutt, author of: “Encyclopedia Satanica: An Unauthorized Sequel to Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary”
Collection of essays in the manner of Ambrose Bierce, having nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism. Slyly ironic, lively and funny, including 101 definitions of Philosophy.
Flying Dutchman Publishing    ISBN: 978-0972455862  Buy it at Amazon.com   $14.93

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