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Writing for publication? Join the satisfied authors who’ve made it with my help

     When you submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher, you have only one chance to make the best impression. Writing for publication is a business, and those who judge your work will expect it to look and read like a professional product. Its merits must be instantly recognizable. They will need to feel passionate enough about what they see to promote, publish, or buy your book.

     So how can you make sure your book, out of hundreds, will be the one that passes the test? You are too close to it to judge impartially. Showing the manuscript to friends may help, but they will try to be kind, and usually don’t understand what needs to be done to make the difference between “Ho-hum” and “I’ve got to have it!”

     For that you need the right editor…one you can work with comfortably, who understands what your manuscript requires and can handle it within a given turnaround time.  I’ve been able to help both novice and previously published writers get the results they came for. To learn more, click on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or phone for a personal chat at the phone number below. 

Editor on Tap will make your work shine!

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    After a long career as an award winning writer of advertising campaigns, film, video, articles and books, I have created success for myself and others for over sixteen years as a book editor.

    I have a special interest in mentoring and encouraging new authors, helping them become the published writers they strive to be. I am both critic and cheerleader, teacher and able writer for my clients. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lois Winsen

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