Q. “What kind of editor is right for me?”

     There is no one-size-fits-all editing.  If you are a multi-published author you may need only a general critique, line editing, and some light polishing.  If you are a first time or unpublished writer you may require a substantial amount of hand-holding, solid help in layout and organization, plot and character development, line editing to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation, and plenty of polishing to buff up your word choices, make your narrative flow and remove odd or awkward constructions.   
     But no matter where you fit, once I’ve edited I guarantee your manuscript will be ready for publication, maintain your voice and style, and read like the outstanding professional work you envisioned when you began it.

Q. “How long does the editing process take?”

      It depends on the length of the book and the quality of writing. If the work involves a lot of back and forth between the two of us, or if the work is lengthy or technical, it could be a month or more.  Shorter pieces…shorter time. 

Q. “How can I be sure I’ll be comfortable with you, and like your editing style?”

     Send me your manuscript. I will read it, discuss it with you, and provide you with a sample edit of several of your pages. These services will clarify for both of us what it is you want and what needs to be done. By the time we agree to go forward you will be completely comfortable with the process and the price.

Q. “What if all I want is a written critique?”

     No problem. Once I have read your manuscript I can set an appropriate fee.

Q. “Is there an up-front charge involved?”

     No charge for reading any manuscript under 250 pages. No charge for the initial discussions and initial page edits. There is a modest charge for reading longer manuscripts, to be credited against the fee for a full edit.

Q. “What about total price?”

     I will provide you with a firm price after our initial discussions. You will know exactly what to expect.

Q. “How do I get started?”

     Just pick up the phone and call the number below. Tell me about your goals and your manuscript, and any special needs or problems you’re having. If I’m not in, leave a message and I will get back to you. I live in California. If the hour is late, leave an email that includes your name and phone number.

Editor on Tap will make your work shine!

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