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Women Of A Certan Age

In the 1980's, three bright, attractive,
single women forge strong bonds of
friendship while exploring what it means
to be "women of a certain age". Follow
the trials and triumphs, steps and mis-steps
of Barbara, Gail, and Edith as they maneuver
with courage, pain, and hope through their
careers, love lives, and family and money matters.
Set in sunny San Diego, California.
Fiction with a heart.

ISBN 978-1-4507-2710-5
Price: $1.95  

Cover Picture for Project R2: The Cloning

What if DNA from the Shroud of Turin got
into the wrong hands?  Exciting, disturbing
science fiction explores the battle between
good and evil. In 1999 the keepers of the Shroud
get ready to display it briefly. While in the
United States, scientists, an evangelist, and
a wealthy oil man all want to get their hands
on the rare DNA it contains, each for their
own purposes. The resulting chicanery, robbery,
murder, and spy vs. spy action will keep you
guessing until the shocking and surprising ending

ISBN 978-1-4507-2711-2
Price: $4.95


Cover Picture for Sell Your Ideas to Hollywood

Heartwarming true account of how a mutual love of gardening became the starting point for a unique relationship between a Jewish grandmother and her Vietnamese neighbor. This feel good read will make you smile and offer insights to lift your spirits. 
Just $0.99


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