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New E-Book Service from Editor on Tap

     The buzz is loud and getting louder. As recently as three years ago few
people were willing to read an e-book. Now, thanks to devices like Amazon's
Kindle, and Apple's iPad, along with a growing group of similar devices and
providers such as Barnes and Noble, the e-book market is booming.

E-book Sales Escalate Sharply

     Last year e-book sales tripled to $313 million while the sale of print books
dropped nearly 2%. According to the Association of American Publishers e-book
sales could reach as high as 25% of the total book market in less than two years.

Author royalties go right up with them

     What does that mean for those of you who have opted to self publish?

  • Easier access to a growing market
  • Fatter royalty percentages from e-publishers

Both Kindle and Apple offer 70% of sales revenue to its authors, as opposed
to the usual 12% to 15% you might receive from a print publisher. Other e-
book publishers give back a bit less, or even more.

Now you can go directly from manuscript to E-book

     Most old line publishers and some print on demand publishers will
automatically turn your print book into e-book format. But what if the printer or
publisher you choose doesn't do that? Or what if you want to go right from
manuscript to E-book? You can.

Editor on Tap can help

     Once your book is edited and ready for publication, we can take over the
tedious and confusing task of having it translated into the two HTML formats that
will insure it looks as it should in Kindle, iPad or Sony e-book readers.

The cost is surprisingly low and the turnaround time is usually two weeks. If
you need a book cover for your e-book when you don't actually have one in print,
we can do that for you, too.


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